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Rehoming ambition in the face of international travel restrictions ..

By this time into a new year I would have managed at least to get out the country once or twice . For me personally it’s a reset both mentally and physically , banishing any thoughts of ill health or anxiety. Now with COVID keeping oneself on the straight and narrow is much harder and the furnace needs to be redirected from within. With this literally in mind I have been thinking of music expeditions within the country. I have actually done mini music tours before , a few years ago I had to rejig a tour of the south coast of France to the south coast of Sussex because of passport renewal timing issues. This turned out to be one of the great experiences of my life and right on my doorstep. Coastal routes I find stir something within me , reading Francis Pryor at the moment our Mesolithic past may have something to do with it. The coastal routes that really fire my imagination to get something organised are the North East ‘Northumbrian’ coast and the Dorset coast . I may also opt for something mess heavy than a PA and a full size guitar in case strapped into a bike trailer which has been the option previously. It gives you plenty of self sufficient options but I’ve done it before and now it’s time for a change and a light one at that . So it looks like a banjo or ukelele affair. The logistics of preparation always result in invigoration for me personally. So invigorated I look to the local future, Algeria will have to wait.

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