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Why Warsaw maybe the New Berlin..

A couple of years ago I did a tour of the south coast of the Baltic . Poland Lithuania Latvia and ending in Estonia . I hit the ground running in Warsaw , great gig, great audience and a real hunger for music , Lithuania was lot of more laid back , Vilnius feeling beautifully pre industrial but nothing much happening. Estonia was a big disappointment musically not only did I have to wait until almost 1am to play , but then I found out this was quite normal due to extended daylight hours. If I was to play in Estonia over the summerish months this would be a factor , no thanks. As any musician is most likely to tell you a long wait before playing can suck any joy out of an evening . Especially if you‘re watching your alcohol intake and especially if the wait is unexpected.

I enjoyed Warsaw so much I went back as soon as the tour finished and stayed for three /four days before returning home. Culturally it feels fresh and unspoilt and the people seem confident culturally and skeptical of the more decadent temptations of soft power imperialism. It’s also very affordable in the way that Berlin was 20 years ago . So from an artist point of view it feels invigorating and exciting. I hope to return soon

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